Heralekai Chitranna/Rough lime or Bitter lemon Rice

Whenever i find Heralekai i never miss buying it, though it tastes a bit tangy it has it’s own flavor and tastes good. I even heard it has  health benefits.


1 Cup cooked Rice

1 Heralekai (medium)


1tsp Mustard seeds

1tsp Urad dal

1tsp Channa dal

5 or 6 curry leaves

2 or 3 chopped Green Chillies

1tblsp Groundnuts


Salt according to taste

Coriander for Garnish.


Cook the rice and keep it ready.  Heat oil in a pan and start seasoning with mustard seeds, let it splutter, next add urad dal, channa dal and groundnut and fry for a min, once it starts turning golden add turmeric, green chillies and curry leaves.  Add cooked rice, heralekai juice and salt according to the taste to this seasoning and mix well. Switch off the stove and serve hot.

Heralekai is even used to prepare pickle, it is said to control Pitta (Biliousness)


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