Lauki Lobia Sabzi

Most of the times i wish for a simple recipe that can be cooked fast and yet it should be tasty too.  Simple recipes are my favorites, so when i came across this recipe, i knew i had to try it.

This recipe i found from Aayi’s recipes, for the original recipe click here. Anyhow i thought i should share the recipe.


1 small Lauki/(Bottlegourd)

1/2 cup black eyed peas ( i did’nt have it, so i used cow peas.)

1/2 cup chopped onion

2 or 3 chopped tomato

1tspn chilli powder

1/2 tspn garam masala

1/2 tspn cumin seeds

1/2 tspn mustard seeds

A few curry leaves

Oil and Salt.


Cook cow peas/(black eyed peas) in cooker, one whistle would be enough. Take a pan, heat oil, add mustard, cumin seeds,curry leaves, onion. Fry till the onion turns golden color, add bottlegourd/lauki, and cook it till lauki is almost done, now add tomato and the cooked cow peas, to this add chilli powder, garam masala, salt according to the taste and mix well. Cook for few minutes.  Serve hot with Chapathi.

It goes well with chapathi and is a simple dish without much ado.


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