Mixed Dals/Lentils Paddu

Mixed Dals/Lentils Paddu is a regular breakfast in our home. I prepare this keeping in mind my kids health also this paddu’s taste great with coconut chutney.



1cup Rice
1/4cup Toor Dal
1/4cup Channa Dal
1/4cup Urad Dal
1/4cup Moong Dal


Soak all the dals and rice together for 4hours. Grind the soaked dals and rice as coarse paste in a grinder. Keep batter overnight for fermentation.

Heat the Paddu/paniyaram pan in medium heat, pour few drops of oil and pour the batter, put the flame in simmer and cook slowly, turn on both sides and cook. Serve hot and enjoy with coconut chutney.


You can add chopped onions, dill leaves, grated coconut, coriander and green chillies to Paddu batter to make it more tasty.


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